Board game

My first serious attempt at a nice render with Blender. Intended to be a non-professional product shot in a ‘natural’ setting. Ie: it should look like a game that is being played and people moved out of shot while someone took a snap with their phone. Not sure about the very bright window. Also not sure about the long shadows. Any other suggestions or pointers?

The scene looks quiet sterile and basic. The colours are bland and if I hadn’t read your comments, I wouldn’t have thought this was a scene just recently occupied as it looks too neat like a showcase. Maybe adding some objects to the scene that people might have with them when playing with family or friends, like set of keys, mobile or even a glass of drink(your choice) would make it ‘alive’.

The top right section is getting to me as there is a lot of space and nothing in it.
Just in my opinion, the shadows do seem rather long… What angle of lighting at you going for? Morning, midday, evening?

Thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate it.

I agree the shadows are too long.

I’ll have a go at adding some more everyday objects. Not sure what to do about the top right corner.

You might want to think about making the picture widescreen, it might help to fill the gap on the top right. Just a thought :slight_smile:

I think you shouldn’t use the same texture you used for the table on the chairs. Also the texture on the table looks more like a floor texture. All in all it needs more variety: For example, you could add some cushions on the chairs, coffee stains on the table and so on. Something that shows that humans live there. When the people just moved away as you say, then there should also be some drinking cups or candy or whatever on the table and the game card should be more disorganised, too. As a final suggestion i would put some grass outside, atm there is no ground just white space and a bush/tree. Hope it helps :slight_smile:

@BunnyHog27, widescreen is a fair suggestion, but doesn’t work well on a fb feed, which is one of the targets for this image.

@Fanthusiast. I’ll use a different texture for the chiars and tables. I did add scratches and marks to the table to try and make it less perfect, but I agree some biscuit crumbs, drops of coffee etc would help greatly. I’ll make the cards more disorganised also. That makes sense.