boat by the sea

endered in cycles with 500 passes, took round about 3 days or so. based upon a photo i took in devon :slight_smile:


500 in 3 days?
Mother of god.

Btw, the image looks really nice.

nooo haha it took me 3 days to model and everything :slight_smile:

I like the cloth on the boat. But the sky could be better. Maybe use a photo as a sky backdrop?

I really like your image, the feeling it brings.

2 details : I think the dof is a little to strong ( when I read the text on the engine )
I think the boat is kind of…too clean? I mean it seems like it’s all new, I think it could be 'dirtier ', with a leaking texture for example.

Great image, chrisspoi !!!
Agreed with Beny on DOF issue.

Hey guys, thank you so much for your comments and criticisms. Beny, I’m a little confused at what you mean, do you mean that the text should be out of focus? Thanks, also I agree with the boat being a little to clean. LiMuBei, the sky is a sky photo in a sky dome, but I can see it looks a little streached, maybe that’s the problem. Once again thanks guys :slight_smile:

Well I think that the dof is strong so you should decrease it a little so we can be able to read what is written on the engine.

sry for my english, if you speak french i’ll probably can explain it in a better way :smiley:

no thats fine!! :yes: thanks alot

This looks so good!!!

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

I think this looks very good and it the theme fits well into Andrew Price’s “Saying goodbye” competition, are you planning to take part with this piece? :slight_smile:

Thank you for the very nice feedback… It hadn’t even crossed my mind, I may look into it :slight_smile: