Boat on Ocean has water leaking into the hull

I am planning an ocean scene with a sailboat animation, but right now I am doing my simple tests (on this toy boat). I am trying the “How to float a boat on Ocean modifier.” It’s pretty simple, the boat is parented to a triangle with vertext parents. The triangle is a soft body. The ocean is an Ocean modifier on a cube and set as collision. Now the boat floats and moves across the ocean in a very convincing manner, the only problem is that the ocean water is coming into the hull. I’ve tried adding collision to the boat, making the ocean and boat shrinkwrapped, making the boat a soft body and countless other configurations… As always it’s probably just one gui click from working, can anyone give me that tip? Even if you’re not sure it will work, tell me and I will try it (even if it’s a totally different workflow with regard to the softbody/vertext parenting). Thanks.

Hmmmmm… intriguing. you have inspired me to try some ocean scenes… anyways back to your problem…

as you seem to know what you are doing, you are seemingly looking for a workaround? I can think of 2 off the top of my head.

Firstly, I would try making the “hull” of the boat thicker, if this is possible without compromising too much on artistic vision.
another quick one would be to offset the boats mesh by a small amount, to hide the clipping and still keep the boat on the water.

If however , your problem is mostly noticeable on the crests of waves, and other “sharp” bits of ocean, you could use dynamic painting with a displacement modifier to “repel” the water under the boat… It may be a heavy handed approach , but it should offer you enough scope for tweaking it later, while not being as tedious as other more hacky frame by frame workarounds…

ALSO you could render out as 2 separate layers (boat and ocean) and recombine later… this could work well and shouldn’t take too long for the separate render of the boat (its just a boat after all)

Thank you. I will give all these a try, and let you know how I make out. Appreciate it.