boat St-Maria C columbus

This is my frist attempt with some texturing proc to model the Christ columbus boats

so here are some pic for the St Maria boat

the red box is 2 meters to simulate height of human characters!

C & C are welcome

happy 2.5

adding sail and wind simulation for the main sail

see pic

happy wind

Looking good. Couple crits tho. First, looks like you have a little UV problem near the back of the boat. It stretches in a weird way. Also, you should give it a rough feeling. Everything looks too flat and smooth atm. Maybe add some bump with the normal setting to make it more realistic.

uh, hard to do - i tried to model a wooden ship before, just like this… but all those weirdly bended surfaces… uuuuhhh :wink:

you seem to have some issues on the outer surface of the ship: on the upper part of the ship’s hull, right at the transition to the highest deck to aft the texture is kind of distorted. it looks as if the hull had an inward bulge at that place.
you could also take a secont look at the railings: the upper border of the ships hull is rounded at nearly all places where it follows the changing amount of decks in the different parts of the ship. try to sharpen that.
the railing on the decks look a little weird because the poles are so far away from each other. in comparison with the red block (which seem to be probably 1 to 1.5 meters rather than 2, like you said) you need at least twice the amount of poles, which of course need to be scaled down then…
one last thing: if you add a simple supporting structure for the middle deck, like beams for example, which hold the deck planks the ship will look more realistic i think…
but, overall: nice one. i abandoned the idea after about 10 minutes :wink:
keep working on it and it is going to be a good model!

I had to move the vertices on the right back so this is the reason for the UV distorted

i’ll try to redo it wihtout the upper part and add a new UV map there

any example how to add a bump map over a UV map?

and this has to be another UV map proc texture don’t work above UV map!

hope it can be done!

what do you mean by beam in middle ?
can you show pic of this i don’t see what you mean !

railing - you mean that i need to reduce the size and increase qty ?
each post is taking 470 verts!
trying to minimize but i guess i can add some more!

i must say that there are no real dwg fro this only approximation to the real ship
so i guess i can imagine things around a little
i wihs there was some real dwg from 1500 but dwgs for ship began only around 1650
i think. LOL

Thanks for C & C

i replace the back side with some planks instead of redooing the whole UV fro the side

what do you think ?

but i may still have to redo the whole side UV map !
still some distorsion present

i’v added some bump texturing for each of the floor using board texture
and it’s changing the look very well!
see pic

happy 2.5