BOB from Monsters Vs Aliens

I’m wondering what would be the best lighting setup for this scene?

to look like this


Well looking at him, I’d say you need a yellow-ish one just to the left off the picture, by the house shining inwards, then a blue-ish light from the pool, and looking at the horizon I think there’s a fair bit of fill lighting from the background.

Good shader with translu somethink or sss

you should probably turn up the hardness of the spec that might make it look a little bit better

There needs to be a point light with yellow emission just underneath the background tree on the left, and maybe a blue area light from the pool. Also, there needs to be a light coming from the house as there are shadows visible underneath the tables. With the night lighting, you could try placing two sun lamps 180 degrees of each other. One a light blue colour with no specular and energy of 0.2 and the other a dark blue with no specular and energy 0.1. I use this setup regularly for night lighting and was introduced to it in one of Andrew Price’s tutorials. Also, you could try to add some ambient occlusion for more realism.
A very good start btw! The pictures look almost identical!

He really needs some SSS, alpha reduction with IOR and a little mirror. Also you should adjust the specularity, it’s too harsh. I’d say set it to WardIso with a low intensity. And you need to adjust the position of the lamp. There was no light straight in front of him in the movie. But I think it’s a good start as far as modeling and trueness to the scene go.

I tried SSS, but, it turned out like this…
with SSS


I took a massive 20 mins to just render Bob.

Perhaps you are looking for a shader like this? 2min and half to render at HD 720p.

Here is the .blend
bobShaderTest.blend (490 KB)

Hope this helps :wink:

@JeannotLandry, that shader looks almost perfect for B.O.B, but isn’t that Cycles? I’m pretty sure he’s using BI.

Owldude: if you open his last render, he seems to be using blender internal ;). And the shader I gave him is also BI. I only did this shader to help him since I knew how in BI, I know nothing about cycle, I am a Blender Internal user. Since cycle isn’t technically production ready yet I am waiting until it is to really try it and upgrade my graphic card, until then, blender internal does it for me, and right now really playing in the game engine :wink:

Anyhow, I hope the shader help :wink:


Wow, I didn’t think Blender Internal could do that (though I still use it.) I’m gonna have to see what you did to make that…Ohhh wait, did you just use Fresnel Alpha?

Owldude: Its a mix of fresnel alpha, mirror and sss. Just load the file and check the settings. To my opinion, cycle is over rated. If you understand shaders well as well as lighting, you can get as good results with blender internal then with cycles. Plus, it renders a lot faster and you have more control over compositing if you want to add some :wink:


Yeah, BI is more capable than Cycles, but in some scenes I really wish I was able to use Cycles. BI lighting is just hard…

Thanks for showing me this! It helped me a lot, I just had to tweak some things so it looked good on my model, but other than that Thank you :smiley: Btw do you know how to make a good material for the bubbles inside him? If you need the .blend file I’ll send it to you to try it out :slight_smile:


fergoblender: I’m glad it helped :slight_smile: As far as bubbles goes, not sure about how to do in in shader, but you could try using particles, set to volumetric, with a start and end emit at frame 1, then make sure it has a long life span, that way. Anyway, made a test, results are pretty convincing, it uses a simple sphere duplivert (icosphere) and it has the same shader then the original:

And here is the modified .blend:
bobShaderTestWBubbles.blend (701 KB)

Btw, just so you know, the actual Bob from the movie is made out of actual liquid simulation controled by cages set to a very thick liquid. So, if you are planning animation for this, then this may not work like in the movie, but if its for a still, then you are on the right track :wink:

I hope this helps :slight_smile:


^^ Nice shader, but it looks like it lacks the volume to give it the feeling of depth. If you are going for a still, a workaround in BI could be to create a duplicate BOB, and have one be the volume, and the other the reflective/transparent coating.

I haven’t tried this yet, so I don’t know how it works. Just a thought.

Jonathan L: I actually tried your idea because i thought it was genius :slight_smile: but it didn’t turn out the way I actually thought it would and it threw the render time through the roof :frowning:

So by pure intrigue I tried a few things and came up with a neat way of faking it :slight_smile:

Here is the result (render time: 8 min 52 seconds) yes blender internal, and believe it of not, its actually using toon specular :stuck_out_tongue: :

And here is the .blend, I had to zip it otherwise file size was too big to upload. (858 KB)
I hope this help, I’m now out on this, there isn’t much more I can do to help on this :wink:
Good luck and show us some render :wink:


Thanks for the help :smiley: Just rendering it out now to see what it looks like! How long have you been animating btw?

Jonathan L: I actually tried your idea because i thought it was genius :slight_smile: but it didn’t turn out the way I actually thought it would and it threw the render time through the roof :frowning:

Darn, well thanks for giving it a shot. I’m really hoping for when things like this will be possible all in one material using cycles nodes. That will be really cool!

fergoblender: you are welcome :slight_smile: Post us some shots :slight_smile: I have been doing 3D since 2001, so it’ll be 12 years soon :slight_smile: Been a blender user since version 2.49b, so about 4 years now.

Jonathan L: Well, you could do that in blender using the material nodes, but I usually try to do without unless really necessary. Well, when cycle will be fast for rendering animations I will use it :stuck_out_tongue: Until then, I will stick to BI :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad I could help :wink: