body mesh goes right through clothes

I’ve been working on an animation and i have a problem - when i bake it’s fine, it collides with the body mesh but when i try to animate the figure in pose mode it just goes through the clothes mesh as if it wasn’t even there …please help!!! any advice would be greatly, greatly, greatly appreciated.


The cloth sim can be unprecise, but it’s just not as simple as not setting the mesh to a collision object?

When you say “when i bake it’s fine,” are you baking with the animation in place? If you bake with a static figure, that records the cloth for only that range of frames, with no movement. Cloth baked to a static pose won’t follow your model as poses are being set because the bake is telling it to stay where it is according to the static pose. If you then animate the figure, the cloth isn’t updated automatically to follow the animation, it needs to be baked again.

It’s generally a good idea to disable the Cloth modifier while doing the figure animation, perhaps even hide the Cloth mesh(es) if it makes posing the figure easier. After your animation is complete and final (and I do mean final!), then do your Cloth baking, so it can respond to the moving figure mesh.

Also make sure your modifier stack is in the proper order. Armature should be above Cloth if you want the cloth mesh to follow the moves the armature makes.

And finally, as mentioned, Cloth sims are not perfect. In tight areas with lots of flex, like elbows and knees, breakthroughs are common. You can use a number of methods to help with this. One of the simplest is to use a Mask modifier to hide the faces under the cloth that have a tendency to break through.

oh my god!!! Chipmasque!!! you’re a god send!!! thank you so much for your response - this really helps big time!
Thank you again!!!