Boeing 787 | Dreamliner WIP


Got a scale model of the 787 and looks like i am going to model this.
Here’s the progress so far.

The textures are temporary and far from finished.
Just a couple of quick octane renders along with the wires.
Need to work on the landing gear and the flaps among other things.

Do let know how it looks.



PS: For some reason the attached images are not visible in the post here. Clicking on them seems to work.

Very nice! Love the detail

looking good, those windows and doorframes are textures/bumpmapped? :slight_smile:

The windows for the cockpit look really “compressed”. I’m pretty sure you could’ve gotten away with using a bit less geometry for the fuselage, so that the poly flow doesn’t bottleneck around the window frames here causing the pinching and smoothness issues. Subdivision surfacing goes a long way in an application like this, meaning that less base geometry could be required for the same application.

I would say that the details are good and the over all shape of the model is excellent, but the mesh density is too high and causing issues.