I was wonderiing about the boid script with blender it no longer works with the current version are there any plans in the pipeline for its update, has anyone done somthing about it?

The version of boids available at, seems to need an older version of blender + python. Is it simply a matter of recompiling the source code? It seems to be written in C++, or does it need a code re write?

It would be really cool, to get a flock/boids simulation working in blender again, Blender People looks cool, big hand to Harkyman. BUT it is not the same thing. Is it worth ditching the C++ code, and working on something written purely in python? More like an updated version of From this thread it looks like there was quite a look of energy towards getting a working version of flock.

Or maybe there is a working version of boids, hiding somewhere, can anyone shed some light?

I would also be really interested in this…