Bolex H16 Vintage Camera

This is the result of my latest project, a Bolex H16 vintage film camera:

It is a reconstruction of the Model H16-Rex5 from 1966. Thanks to the principled BSDF and Filmic Colormanagement it was a real joy to render this model. If you like to see more renders of this, just let me know.

Thanks for watching!

And here is another one:

And a third one, unmounted lenses and lightmeter.

All images are (almost) viewport render. The only compositing action aplied is color balance and dispersion.

And a close up of the lightmeter

Great, and i love the design of these old cameras!

Good model)

Very well done. I remember those cams qjuite well :slight_smile: (This was never used LoL

Good job! :yes:


Lovely bit of work. There’s something bizarrely amusing about using digital software to create pictures of an old (pre-digital) camera.

Gorgeous, did you model from photos or do you have access to the real thing?

all modelling is done from Reference images. I spend very lot of time in collecting reference images and sorting them, because there are several sub-types of this camera that slightly differ in detail.
I used approx. 40 reference images in sum.

Here is the nextcshot, the rear view:

and finally, a wireframe render without subdivision:

As soon as i’ve cleand up the model - organising in Groups and proper naming of the objects - i will put this thing on blendermarket.

Thanks for the good comments!

Great effort Karl, I really like the lighting and the amazing details on the camera. How many hours (approx.) did you invest into this project?

My 1st ever post on BA forum - couldn’t have picked a better thread to start. :slight_smile:

wonderful, model, render and subject, congratulation!!!

nice, can you show the light setting?

Here is a screenshot of the scene. I changed the panels so that everything fits onto one screen. I’ve mainly used meshlight from planes, because i then can map some grids for nicer reflections into the light. I also used filmic. In the upper left, the compositing nodes are shown:

the whole project from first reference images collecting to final texturing it took me about 40 hours. The modelling part was about 25 hours. Usually i can go a bit faster, but i decided to switch to Blenders new PBR shader, and therefore i needed to setup all shaders from scratch.

Here is another shot, from above:

Today i’ve prepared everything and uploaded it to Blendermarket. As soon as it is online, i’ll post a link here.

Thank you all very very much for those good comments!