Bolo the Marmot Warrior

Bolo the Marmot Warrior, the Dark Sword Miniatures character.

Sculpted and modeled in Blender, textured in 3D-Coat and Blender, hair groomed in Blender and exported to Maya, everything rendered in Guerilla Render via Guerilla for Maya. Post in GIMP.

The frost textures are from Obsidian Dawn.

This image is smaller for file size reasons, the original is here.

Edit: I didn’t realize my blog actually decreased the image size. I’ve edited the link to the hi-res render.

Terrific job all around.

Steve S

great charakter! i visited your blog, amazing work you have done. very enjoyable to look at, and inspiring.

Great final!

very nice work sir, I like a lot the fur result!

That a nice looking character I like him a lot and can easily picture him in animation of sorts. Well done.

Very cool!

The Blender3D particle hair can be transferred to Maya?

The fur looks quite realistic. Nice job!

Not directly, no. I wrote a script called BlenderToMaya that writes hair systems to a file, and the Maya side of the script reads that file and creates a NURBS curve for each hair, rebuilds the curves, and groups them for easily selecting and assigning to a hair system.

have you heard of the red wall book seires ?

Wow. That looks really cool! The only thing I’m not sure about is the belt. Something about the material puts me off. Otherwise, great work!

Thanks for the comments and crits, everybody!

@Petrosfera - yeah, I feel ya. :slight_smile: I suppose I should have gotten more feedback while I was working on the materials. I’ll post in the WIP forums next time around.

Wow! O_O good job also how did you control the particle system on the hair it is so cool i hope one day i could model like you :slight_smile:

Great Work! I really like the light behind his left hand. Also, really good job on the fur, it something that is hard to pull off and I think you have done it really well.

holyshit if this where a dota2 hero i would be playing him nonstop.

Great image and congratz on the feature row!

Its awesome!!I dont know if fearing or hugging him… Maybe both :slight_smile:

Seriously, terrific!

All I got is ‘oh snap’! Seriously cool render

awesome! how do u textured this i mean may u please upload th uv.

I understand why this is on the 5 star wall. :slight_smile: Excellent work!!

@blue box - I have heard of that series :slight_smile: I’ve never read any of them, but I can imagine why this character would remind you of it.

@hokslol - The particle systems were originally just hair systems in Blender that I combed and cut. I exported the hair particles to Maya as NURBS curves so that I could transfer them to Guerilla and use the curves as hair guides for hair and fur procedurals. Then I had to paint B&W maps for length and density to use on the hair/fur procedurals in Guerilla to keep the interpolated hairs from intersecting the arm bands and belt.

@abhimanyu - I mostly painted the textures in 3D-Coat, tweaked them in GIMP and Photoshop, and baked a lot of normal, ambient occlusion, and displacement maps using xNormal and Blender.

Again, thank you all for the comments and kind words :slight_smile: