Bolt Factory Script

Bolt Factory Version 3.01 Now Available!

Script can be found here.

Bolt Factory is a Python script for Blender 3D.

The script allows the user to create models of various types to screw fasteners.

This version is very much a work in progress.

This is my first attempt to program in Python. This version is unpolished and doesn’t do much error checking. Therefore if the user sets strange variables, the model created will be as equally strange.

For best results set the material to smooth and apply a Edge Split modifier with default settings.

To Do:
Better error checking.
Nuts to go with the bolts.
Pre-sets for common bolts.
Improved GUI.
More Head and Bit types.
Better documentation.
Fix error with mesh when using crest and root percent other than 10.

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You need to add some graphics so people can really see what this does before downloading it. You’ll generate a lot more interest that way. Always include visuals with something like this.

Sounds cool.

hi, good job!
cad tool, spiral tool,
lol i tested the settings, i even made mushrooms!
if your into CAD & Blender go YAY now.
just array a bolt along your framework.

more seriously,
a way to reset to default would be good.
tooltips for each setting (on mouseover)
keep up the good work.
i look forward to seeing updates for this script.

This is really awesome! Thanks for your work!

What a great idea!! I use/need bolts all the time.

Thanks for the script. And well done on creating your first script.

Great, Spudmn! Can’t check it out right now but from what I see you did a nice job. Keep it up!

Wow! This works great. I’m really liking this. It would be nice if you could add the Grade markings to the top of the Hex head bolts.


Excellent work, I just downloaded & gave it a whirl…this will be very helpful.


Cool! Is it really a spiral? From the images posted it looks like parralel rings. I could be wrong though.
I’ll try this script ASAP.

Some quick test renders I did in Indigo. Looks pretty sweet to me!!
What would be funny is if you re-named your script “Screw You.” LOL!!! :yes: :yes:

woah, sweet render!

This is a real time saver not to mention very cool! For this being your first script, you are doing quit well. Thanks for sharing!


This is excellent. I do some mechanical modeling every so often and this should really save me some time. Thanks a bunch. I’m looking forward to any improvements you make. Thanks again!

Thanks God for people like you :slight_smile:

I let this one cook all night. Enjoy!

Thanks for the positive feed back. This has encouraged me to put some more time into it. I noticed that just after I released version 1.00 that there was bug in the Hex head and it did not join the thread correctly. I will sort that out in the next release.

Nice render 5_on_it. I thought about the grade markings, but I thought that the user could use a bump map on it.

When I think of all the time I’ve spent making little bolts…thanks much…

Hey 5_on_it…the subtitle of Jim Hightower’s new book is…“Swim against the current—even a dead fish can go with the flow”…great minds…or what?

Someone thinks like me?? God help us all!! LOL!! :stuck_out_tongue:

This looks like a really useful script, it will fit well with my work. Thanks for pointing me to it 5_on_it

No updates to this?? I’m bum’n :frowning: