Bolt in focus

Given the subject matter, it seems appropriate to ask for focused critique. I made this one for this weekend’s Blender Weekend Competition (499.7). The theme is “focus”.

I used Blender Internal and did the standard DOF rig in the node editor. I tried to put a few dents in the instruction sheet where the bolts are and make it look like the sheet is folded up, so I don’t mean for it to be levitating or something. Let me know if that doesn’t come across correctly. Thanks for any other input you can give me on how to improve.

I was surprised how well this image compresses in jpg. I was able to drag the quality down in the 1920x1080 image to 25 before noticing anything and the file size was only 52KB. Usually I can’t go below 50 before starting to see major things wrong. This one is a lower res higher quality version just in case it is noticable.

perfect…(oh wait, just a little bit less reflection on the wood.)
One thing which could actually sell it is adding the name of the company which produced the bold, or some sort of serial number, engraved on the bolt. Details and imperfections will make it perfect, so concentrate ont the bolts :slight_smile:
Good job !

Looking great! Only problem is with some of the reflections on the wood at the bottom of the image. There seems to be a line that cuts off the reflectivity next to the paper. Only explanation I can think of is if you added some sort of glass pane? Either way, nice image, great use of lighting and DOF.

Thanks for the feedback. I actually ended up winning the round.

@Jake Shadow: Actually, that cut off in the reflection is the instruction paper blocking the light from the back wall from reaching the table. I did another render without the paper and its not there and you see the full wall. You can see this below.

That image is actually compressed to jpg level 25 and is only 38KB. :RocknRoll:

@andyio: I agree, the reflection on the wood is a bit much. Its actually an off the shelf texture so I didn’t really think of playing with it. Looking at the settings, the mirror reflectivity of it is only set to 0.06, so its surprising it reflects as much as it does. I reducted the reflectivity to 0.025 and that does seem to make it work better. I also tried decreasing the alpha on the instructions to .95 because paper has a bit of transparency to it, but now its kinda too dark. Regarding imperfections, as someone told me once its called verisimilitude. I could have added some scratches or something, but since the scene shows bolts laying on instructions, the viewer could assume that these are brand new stainless steel bolts and that they would be clean and not scratched. One thing I didn’t get that I could have added was at the bottom of the bolt there is more texture from the shearing and filing that they do when they cut off the bottom of the bolt.

Here is the improved image: