(Nayman) #1

how can i do bolts of electricity, sort of like lightning, or sort of like emperor in star wars? hmmmmmmmm :frowning:

(dreamsgate) #2

run a search for lightning, there has been alot of discussion about it over the last several months.

(pofo) #3

A verry simple, if not very elegant, way is the one I used for my weekend challenge cow. Just put two verts on the points you want connected by spark, then fractal subdivide (and move vertices if you want the arc in a special direction) till you get the right amount of jagginess. Lastly subdivide until the halo points of the material you add to it merge. Duplicate and make a halo larger halo with much less alpha if you want a glowing halo round the bolt.
Don’t forget to set Add to a value or it will look pretty dull.

As I said, not very elegant, but it’s simple and the result’s pretty nice.

  1. pofo

(S68) #4

There’s a tutorial of mine on lightning bolts

follow the ‘tutorials’ linfk in the menu


(Nayman) #5

i know about the fractle subdivide part, but i nedd animated electrciity

not just static

anyone remeber that cid someone did of the two siler balls with electricity running in between them?

(S68) #6

That was Caronte, i think.

Use an animated marble texture then!


(Nayman) #7

explain how to animate textures?!

Sorry, one thing i never learned! :stuck_out_tongue:

(S68) #8

I’ll e-mail a .blend soon, is your profile with an e-mail?


(Vidigiani) #9

Hey Stefano could you hook me up to? I am always looking to learn new techniques :slight_smile:

(Nayman) #10


email is [email protected]

would you be mad at me if i actually used your .blend? or is it just to learn from

either way, that would be amazing!

(S68) #11


.blend should have reached you by now…

since it was made expressly for you you can use it wherever you want … it is a plain lightning stroke…


(Nayman) #12

the file is greta, thanx a lot s86

i actually just used it learn so i can do all the stuff mysefl, but if i get lazy, i’ll be sure to credit you

thanx a million