bombi the zombi

Hi Folks,

just want to show you a little char i startet today.
C&C welcome :slight_smile:

step1 :

step 2 :

step 3 :

best Simon

thats made well and really disturbing, will he have eyes?

thx - and yes ofc he will get some eyes later :wink:

best Simon

I love this piece i agree the eyes will make it or break


Roach 8) GOOD JOB

Oh my god, that is so fantastic!

about the eyes; why don’t try to make some eyes all white and dull, you have probably thought about it but you know… just in case. :wink:

Keep it up and be sure to post the “finished” product as soon as you are done, :slight_smile:

Haha! I don’t know why, but I started laughing really hard when I saw that, really nice work.

hey simon! really nice job, I really like the shape of the head. The whole model really has a lot of character to it. Can not wait to see the finished product.

The one thing that jumped out at me was the lack of detail on the nose. Maybe add more definition to the outside of the nostrils.

i think the no eyes and just empty holes added to the model, since it is supposed to be a zombie.

I like it :smiley:

Cause i am gettin tired of this model i just finisched it very fast.
I think there would be a lag of possibilities to emprove the model
and the “scene” but certainly i am just working on a new idea.

Sorry for my english - i am never sure if its okay or if nobody can
understand what the hell i mean :smiley:

So here’s the pic:

gl hf Simon

Atleast i can understand it :smiley: very nice work.

Hmmm - i thought i wont work anymore on this.
But today i just startet a new background. What
do u think better - any Crits? :slight_smile:

best Simon

Hmm, not sure about that last one but the other renders look amazing.
I was blown away by the first render on top of the page.

Yes - thats a thing i recognized too. Normaly i style my char’s more
cartoonish. And the first render is a quick cartoon shader wich i like.
But atm. i try to get a “more realistic” look in my pictures. And it’s
damm hard - but as always … learn learn learn :smiley:

best Simon

Here a little update - i worked on the textures and the liquids - and
i kicked the “worm”. Simpel render without any pp.

best Simon

Ha, that is great. I did like the worm a little more though.