Bombing of Hiroshima

This was done for my layout class. The project was to make a statement about Hiroshima. Mine was a call for “change” if you didn’t notice. I wrote up a one page paper too. It took me a few hours to make the image (had to relearn how to use RVK’s). I might post a blend file of the RVK action if there is enough interest. Here you go:
I know there are a few problems: too much specularity on birds, off centered, the s in appeals, 2004 too red, etc. but I think it’s ok without all those fixes.

I like it!

A lot of anime comes out with that sence of the bomb drop.
Hell if I had a bomb dropped on me and lived, I would change to.

i think that while the concept is nice, the birds definitely need to look more like birds.

for a while there I was thinking “why are the bombs turning into jacks?”

Yeah. I was running out of time and the RVK’s really limited the number of vertices I had to work with and where I could place the vertices. My teacher liked it a lot though.