Got bored (again) and this is what I made.
Again, a very simple scene.


very cool idea, but I think you should detail the inside of the bomb bay a bit more.

simple but with good results. The bomb bay could use more details. You might make the bombs dark green.

Oh and by the way. The bombadeer is a poor shot. The bombs are going to fall way of target (its the light gray part under the bombs) since they have a ballistic trajectory rather than falling straing down :stuck_out_tongue: but who cares lol!

Ha ha ha, excellent idea and well done.
Anyway, you’re just a psychopat :slight_smile: (remind me not to upset you, never)

At first, I wasn’t sure what I was looking at.

A neat concept. I’d like to see more interior with some ambent light.

I agree that the bombadeer is a bad shoot, but it’s extremly hard to find a good air photo.

And by the way, the bombs are dark green (and with a red stripe on them) but the air photo is in grayscale so I couldn’t keep it that way. :frowning:

Ah…good point with the grayscale. Did not think of that one.

Does anybody know what a bomb bay looks like inside?
Just asking…

Google Earth” in color. Downlaod the software or just visit the satellite images online.

Thanks, how do you view the images online?

Thanks for the Google Earth link, didn’t know you could get it for free.
Here’s one in color, still looking for a better air photo but this will do for now. I honestly think it looks a lot better in grayscale.


Yeah I think so, grayscale is far away better, maybe because your red is too flashy.
Apparently you don’t like trees, you should maybe try another landscape with cities or something and from an higher point of view.

OK, here goes London…


google is your friend


you could write “fat boy” like the atom they threw on hiroshima…(psycho)

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You need some sun light on the bombs.

Actually i think it looks better when the bombs are black/silhouetted, more natural too because they would be in the shadow of the plane wouldnt they? or at least make them darker…