My first artwork for the year.

More info at

Breakdown video:


Soooo artistic,
I really really love it !
I would love to see it on the top row :slight_smile:

I agree, top row is deserved! :slight_smile: I love the emotion and story it shows. Great job!

That is a really poetic piece. Congratulations!

It’s really beautiful…
I like the way you take a feeling or an emotion and traduce it each time in a wonderful image.

What an emotional image, especially considering we’re looking at (cute) little blobs of water! Beautiful lighting. I wanted to know, how did you achieve the lovely DOF effect? The bokeh looks more complex than what I normally get out of Cycles.

Thanks so much, James. Believe it or not, the DoF is the raw and default one used by Cycles. :wink: It’s probably the arrangement of the objects in the scene that’s adding a subtle variation to the bokeh. :slight_smile:


Here’s also a wireframe render of the scene.

Video breakdown coming soon. :wink:

I like the idea, however what’s up with the contrast? Image like this should have soft feeling to it, now its just too in your face with that high contrast and dark colors. I’d prefer soft and brighter color in order to get more light and dreamy feeling.

Heres fast photoshop mockup, obviously its not as good as it could as it is made from your dark render, but I think it gets the idea across

Gotta say that I love the clay version though

Looks great. Were you inspired by some wood carvings in the Philippines or Indonesia? I saw some wooden souvenirs very similar in Bintan, Indonesia. Anyway, it’s a great piece, looks beautifull.

Thanks for the honest feedback. :slight_smile:

It’s probably just personal preference in my case. But nonetheless, the other version looks quite nice too. :slight_smile:

Indeed! I have one in my office and I’ve been itching to recreate it for a long time already and only had the modeling courage to do so a few days ago.

I wish I could collect more though. :wink:

That made me think, the Ice could be the duration of the passion one relationship, or the resistence of love that have both, The Ice could be perpetual confront day a day, the warm waves of the daily problems facing a couple for avoid the extinction. perhaps the sun is hiding, that could mean the couple continue loving even after it throughout the day his love for state being lashed by constant problems.

That my interpretation of you work reynante, is very inspiring :).


Lovely interpretation, José. Thanks a lot for sharing with us your thoughts. :slight_smile:

great work as always reynante i wonder how do u stay inspired and creative all the time !
Good Job!!

Emotional work, very good lighting.

Thanks, @klous. :slight_smile:

very good! congrats!

Where’s the guys body though?

Nice sculpture.