Bone/armature application to a model

Hello there, new guy here. I’ve been postponing my registration on this forum until it was unavoidable. (I’m lazy when it comes to registration.)

I’m having this tiny issue with applying a model to an existing armature. The situation is; I have 2 models that have extremely similar armatures, and very similar vertex groups. I want to take one model and apply it to the other model’s original armature/skeleton while keeping the vertex groups. Is that possible?


Hi and welcome to the forum!

Sure it’s possible, just duplicate the armature and add it to the 2nd mesh. You have to rename the armature, and in the 2nd mesh’s armature modifier, change the name of the armature. Of course the armature will have to be changed to match the 2nd mesh, ensuring all the bones are placed properly. Also vertex groups names need to match the names of the bones in the armature.