Bone Deformation Problem

So I just finished a model for a game I’m making, and since the next model I was going to make is also humanoid, I decided to modify the basic structure of the previous to create a base for the next one. After I had made the basic changes like skin color, and eyes and stuff, I moved to change the actual anatomical structure of the new model, because the new model is a much more muscular character and just bigger in general. I thought of a few ways to make him more ‘muscular’, and the first thing I tried was modifying the bones that are attached to the mesh, because it was easier than modifying the mesh itself, because everything you do to the bones, the mesh follows, you know?

Only problem is, he looks fine standing still, but when you move him in pose mode, the bones themselves warp, causing a likewise warp to change the deformation of the mesh as the bones move. So when his arm is pointing forward, its thinner and longer, and when its above his head, its slightly shorter and wider. It does this with every aspect of his body, and its unacceptable. Is there a) a better way to accomplish this? b) a way to fix this problem? Any help would be appreciated. I’ll post the model if someone needs it.

You might try permanently distorting the mesh with the armature and then reapplying the armature to the mesh with a few adjustments to account for the new distortions in the mesh. To permanently distort the mesh with the armature click the “apply” button in the modifier panel for the armature. I should note, it’s possible this might not work that well for a few reasons.