Bone Heat Weighting Failed

Hey there Community,

I use Blender 2.8 Beta, so heads up on that.
I was sculpting a character I wanted to use for animation purposes, so when I was done adding the last details I went back to the layout tab and gave it the decimate modifier to lower the face count since it was insanely high.
After that, I gave it a basic armature setup, but now when I try to Automatic Weight paint it, it continues to give me this error.

Now I have attempted to follow what others did and try to cut it in half, rig both pieces separately to the rig and then join them back, but it just doesn’t want to have both pieces work at once.
So, i’m hoping you guys can help this beginner out.
Wish I could upload the file so you all could take a glance yourself.

Thanks for reading and for the help! :grinning:

If two halves don’t work, then halve one of your halves. It’s a technique for localizing problem geometry that’s giving autoweight problems. After you localize the problem, you can fix it, and hopefully rejoin your entire mesh for autoweights.

Although last time I helped somebody with some autoweight problems, it ended up being tons of high density saddle-shaped bits of the mesh with no obvious problems, and it took moving the bones to get autoweights to work.

Hmm alright, i’ll give it a shot tonight and let you know if it worked. I know that I attempted the two halves and it only worked for one.
What I did was select the first halved piece, then I shift+clicked on the second half and then ended by shift+clicking the armature and attempting the autowieght.
Don’t know if that’s the correct way of doing it or not, but i’ll give your way a try.

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