Bone heat weighting issue

hi. im trying to assign a rig to the model you see. eyes, eyebrows, and hair are meshed separately, so I get bone heat weighting error when assigning rig. i joined all the things and tried but it didn’t work. there was no problem when I tried it on the body only, by removing the eye, muscle and hair. how can i solve this problem?

Two common reasons for this issue are:

  • tiny scale (doesn’t seem to be the problem here);
  • or double vertices.

Check the meshes that cause the error: select them in Edit Mode, then M > Merge by Distance. Might help.


Whenever you are using a dense mesh like your hair, you would be better off just weighting in manually rather than with autoweight. I don’t even remember how many times I have fixed peoples meshes for the same reason. For instance on the hair, It probably will follow the head bone and any hair movement bones you have. Soooooo, assign 100% of the weight to the head bone and fix the individual parts that you have hair movement for, if you have any.

Eyes are usually the same, weight them to the bone that is for the deform eyemovement.

Shouldn’t take you but a few minutes. If you get stuck post back or put a blend in with the body weighted for the missing parts.

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