Bone is gone but still in "Parent" list

Hi, I have ran into a problem were, and I’m not sure whether I deleted it by accident or if it got hidden or some other option, I made an IK_foot.L bone and now it’s not visible but exists in the Parent list. I would like to delete it and make a new one, but that’s proving to be more difficult than it should be. I have tried using Alt + H to unhide the bone in edit mode after selecting the skeleton in object mode, with no results. Would someone be able to tell me how to manually delete this bone so I can start with a new one?


You need to find it to delete it. It’s probably stuck on a different Display Layer (F9, Armature tab, Display Options). Just click thru those layer buttons till you find it.


I find the outliner handy to find “missing objects”.


Thanks Fligh for the suggestion. Once I changed to the next layer, I found the bone. Instead of deleting it, I moved it back over to the layer where the rest of the skeleton was. GreyBeard, I’ll have to learn more about the outliner to hopefully help me with future problems I might have.