Bone offset follow-through

Every once in a while, I get this using Rigify after applying it to a mesh. For some reason, the bones never fully follow-through with the mesh itself. I tried everything to fix it but nothing short of a complete replacement has fixed it and I can’t afford that after all the animation I made with this rig. Anyone ever encountered this before?

Resetting the automatic weights fixed it, yet that didn’t tell me what the problem is specifically since I didn’t change the finger weights at all. But it could be called a fix if a ‘selective’ automatic weighting process can be arranged. Anyway to reset automatic weights on ‘specific’ bones?

Nevermind, just fixed it. Rookie mistake, the master hand bone had weights all the way to the fingertips which influenced the fingers to be rigid and not follow their designated bones. Adjusting the weights for all the bones that had this problem fixed this issue.