Bone position seems to be correct, but Rigify reports disjoint


To a freely available 3D model of a kangaroo I used Rigify in Blender 2.90.1 to add an armature. Now that I have added all the bones, I wanted to generate the rig.

Unfortunately Rigify reports an error about a disjoint bone position, but I have no idea how to fix the problem.

RIGIFY ERROR: Bone 'spine.003': Cannot connect chain - bone position is disjoint.
Incorrect armature for type 'chain_rigs'

File: kangaroo.blend

Does someone with more experience than me have a clue what is wrong with my rig?

The error I am getting is not “disjoint”. You have a head rig type in the end of the spine chain. You have to get rid of it. But there is more.

One you fix this you’ll get a similar error about the arms. That’s because your arms are a chain of 5 connected bones. Here is a possible solution:

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Oh, and then if you try to parent with Automatic weights once the rig generates, your mesh will move. That’s because it already has some sort of a parent. You have to alt+P the character, and choose Clear and keep transformation.

And then you’ll get a “bone heat” error. :smiley: You can select all vertexes of your mesh and perform Merge by distance.

Then it should work :smiley:

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Hi Todor

Thanks for your help and your helpful YouTube tutorials.

I have now applied your solutions, but the mesh is still moving.

File: kangaroo2.blend

No problem :slight_smile:
The mesh is moving? I just gave the new file a try and it didn’t move when I applied Automatic Weights.
But I did get “Bone heat error”. That’s because the vertices of the model are not merged together. In Edit mode, select all vertices, Merge by distance. Then parent with Automatic Weights and it should work. I am using 2.83.8 here but it should be the same in 2.9
*(just checked, works the same in 2.9 :slight_smile: )


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I’m probably doing this wrong.

Maybe I am explaining it wrong. Here is a file I tweaked, the character is now operational. I fixed the problem with the disconnected vertices (just merged by distance as I said above). The meta rig had a few parenting problems that I tweaked quickly. That’s it.

kangaroo3.blend (2.5 MB)

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Many thanks for this file!

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No problem :slight_smile:

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