Bone rotation limit?

Can i somehow limit how much the bone can be rotated?

I’m joining you for this question… Blender can do that very well as some have written here, but i haven’t yet found what the workflow of it is… Book and tuts tell about it, somehow … but more like for people who allready know the steps in between…
It would be nice to have a step by step example how to get straight to it… :wink:

limit a bone rotation

  1. create a new armature
  2. edit it and extrude 2 more bones
    (this step is not necessary, but it looks nicer to have a longer tail)
  3. switch to POSE mode
  4. select the last bone in the tail and F9
    add a CONSTRAINT for limit-rotation.
  5. switch to side-view, keypad-3 to get a view of the changes you make in the limits
  6. enable the LimitX in the limi-rotation-constraint and
    7.boom the bone turns down and is fixed because both limits (Min+Max) are zero
  7. to get a full rotation freedom change the Min to -360 and Max to +360
    and the bone will switch back to its old rotation
  8. now you can experiment changing for example the Min-Value
    and you will see that the bone gets forced away from its vertical orientation
    if the Min-Value gets more than -90 … (more for negative numbers is a smaller
    number value!.. to the positve values…)
  9. there are options for different coordinate-systems (world, pose, local …) evals
    and so on …

Ok,i think i got it.
Another question:
How can i change the Center Of Mass or whatever its called?i mean the white dot.In regular object you can click ‘center to cursor’ or similar,but i dont know how you can change the center of the armature


do it with the armature in object mode

or sorry one way is to select all bones in edit mode and move them all away from the centre dot.

thats opposite to move the dot itself.

but think u can do ur suppose way in object mode, dont have blender on me at moment soz

How do i do it in object mode?I mean changing the center of mass?

Press ctrl tab to get your armature back into objectmode. Then you should be able to center cursor and stuff.

EDIT: Hey wait a minute… that’s either a missing feature or there’s another way.

Yeah,there isnt a ‘Center New’ button for armature objects.

@ test-dr

Hey THANKS that is IT!
Just copied and pasted on a text file for remainder!!

What about the center of the artmature? :b

Usually, i create a Master bone wich will have the role of center… sort of.
Though, i don’t know if this options could halp you in your case…

How do you select/change a master bone?

Oh sorry for the late answer!
A master Bone is just any extra bone you add to your Armature.
Either i do a copy of the first Bone (the one “all” are children of) or i create a bone that will be very visible and handy to make the “famous” “first Bone” a child of.
After that i’ll use the master to control the overall displacements, sizings or whatever.

If you want to make major changes to the Master Bone only, you’ll have to brake the Parenting to the rest of the Armature.

Does this answer your question?

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