Bone wont Delete

Hi, in blender 2.8 I have been redoing my armature and one of my bones is not visible outside of pose mode, when I try to delete the bone, nothing happens.

In other blender versions I know people had an issue with “Skeleton Sketching”, can’t find that in 2.8 so either that’s not the issue or the function has been moved/renamed.

The bone is not in a different bone layer, pressing ‘.’ zooms me into where the bone should be, but can’t see it, have removed all constraints and ik’s from the bone, bone functions normally other than not being visible/deleteable.

Bones can be deleted only in edit mode so it’s not suprisingly that you can’t delete it.
The bone you are talking aobut may be invisible for several reasons that come to my mind.

  1. Unhide all bones with alt+h
  2. Make sure your bone is visible in viewport visibility
  3. Delete Custom Object setting from Viewport display if there is any.
  4. Enable all bone layers

If no of those things helps please provide the .blend file

Thanks, it was as simple as it just being hidden