Bonedynamics : A new addon for bone physics

Hi guys, just to let you know that i made a little addon for bone physics who made my life way easier so i wanted to share, it’s called BoneDynamics:


You can download the free version here:

Also check out the description to see how to use it.

I tested a lot of “bone physics” addons and scripts but i couldn’t find something that suits me, so i decided to write my own.

This is the beta versions so if you spot a bug, please share so i can try to fix it.

I made 2 versions of this addon, a free version, and a paid version. You can pretty much do everything with the free version, but the paid version will speed up the workflow and make your life easier.

I hope you like it.



I heard a rumour this does the hard work of setting up softbodies cubes and such. For the techies among us, is that how it works? This seems to me the most promising of the bone physics addons I’ve seen if so.

Also, mind doing a comparison between this and Spring Bones and Wiggle Bones?

Yes, you are spot on, this sets up a cube for each bone that has a soft body physics modifier, its a tedious task when you do it manually: Create the cube, position it, scale it, create a vertex group, put a constraint on the bone and so on… this addon do it for you so all you have to do is tweak the soft body parameters and you are good to go.

You can’t really compare this addon to spring bones and wiggle bones , they all do the same thing but differently , wiggle bones implemented its own physics, so you can’t really see what’s going on. If something breaks you can’t fix it.

Spring bones has a close enough similar approach than this addon but it has an annoying bug, the simulation and the end result are never the same thing.

At the end of the day you can do the job with all three, it’s a matter of preference, ease of use, and the ability to debug and fix problems fast.

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Can you be more specific, please? In what way does the paid version “speed up the workflow and make your life easier?”

Well, if you have for example a chain of bones, you cant tweak the physics parameters all at once unless you have the paid version, you need to select one object at a time and change the soft body parameters.
If you have physics applied on just 1 or 2 bones, then it’s fine but if you have 10+ bones, it becomes tedious. the pro version lets you change the soft body physics of the selected bones all at once.

And on top of that i’m working on a big update for the pro version it will add the ability to save & load soft body presets, change the object shape that is used for physics and a lot more.

Nb: the updates for the pro version will be free of charge.

Hope it helps !


Howdy, why is there no paypal option to purchase your plugin on gumroad?

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a good update is coming, i will remove the need to select an active bone the chain mode, it will remain only on the bone parent mode so stay tuned


Can you make a YouTube video? I usually add stuff I might to my blender playlist

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can your addon achieve this?? seen lots of blender jiggle bones addons but nothing still beats this one from 3dsmax,


Definitely, the thing is if you know how to use soft body and tweak its params, you will get the most out of this addon. And to be honest all the other addons out there can do that too , it’s not that hard, it just looks good.


(I’m translating Japanese into English, so I apologize if I don’t understand the meaning.)

I tried the add-on you made. This is a great add-on, but if the UI language is other than English, you will get an error and the add-on will not work properly.

If you continue, the blender will crash.

After changing the UI to English, applying an add-on and changing the UI to the original language seems to work fine.

Is it possible to remedy this error?

I need the pro version sooo badly!
Is baking an easy process with this?
Do you plan to maintain/update this in the future?

Hi N_N, thank you for pointing me to this issue, i will look into it very soon and i will let you know guys when it is done.

Hi As_Sd, yes the baking process is pretty straightforward , select the bones in pose mode , go to the pose menu => animation => bake action. and tick selected bones and visual keying. When it’s done select all the bones that you applied phyiscs to , and hit remove bone dynamics, it will clean up the bones and you will have the movement baked.

2/ Yes i will keep updating this addon , i’m working on a new version of it right now. i’m planning to remove the need to select an active bone for the bone chain. and adding the ability to save load presets for the soft body. So stay tuned

And i will release another addon too that does physics cages automatically. Its almost ready. And there will be a free and a pro version too. It will be on my gumroad and blender market.

Hope it helps !


Interesting addon.
Is It possible to keyframe ON/OFF when It’s necessary?

i don’t really get the question but i’m confident that you can do it, it has few limitations, you should try the free version

Major update for the pro version :

  • Fixed Foreign language Error.

  • Instant updates when you tweak parameters.

  • New Presets manager feature.

  • Performance improvements.

  • Better UI

available on Gumroad and the blendermarket :

The free version will be updated soon.


Hey, I just bought the plugin (it’s great) but it’s stopping after 60 frames for some reason (or it’s like the parameters suddenly change). Also the presets don’t work, it just gives me an error:

Python: Traceback (most recent call last):
line 406, in execute
preset_class.bl_label = bpy.path.display_name(basename(filepath), title_case=False)
TypeError: display_name() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘title_case’

location: :-1

Other than that it’s the best plugin I have used so far. It’s going to make my creature work a lot easier so thank you!

Hi, thank you for the kind words, do you have discord ? if so , add me there so i can help you: Morelewd#8326 . As far as i know this error might be coming from 2 things, you either using a foreign language like japanese or mandarin, or you didn’t install this plugin as an administrator. I could be wrong too. For the 60 frames thing, this addon copies the loop of your timeline so if you want to make it work for 300 frames all you have to do is set the timeline to 300 frames and remove the bone dynamics and add them again. Because you need to set the timeline length before you add the physics to your bones. Add me on discord if you can , if you need additional help. Thanks