Bones- Help What is this that is appearing? - BONE SKETCHING TOOLS

Hi this is a little embarrassing. I have no idea what these lines are. I am trying to edit an armature and it is drawing these lines when i left click.
What are they and how do I turn it off? Even if somebody can tell me what they are called I will be able to look up information myself. Please help they won’t leave me alone! Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Skeleton Sketching, look for the panel with the same name in 3D view properties region.

Thank you! I have the magic word. Now I will master it!!

SOLVED: That worked Thanks! Here is a screen shot for anyone in the same predicament.

For anyone interested here is a short article I found on the feature.

How do I mark the thread solved? Thanks

You’re welcome :slight_smile: