bones in the game engine problem

i am making a game and i have a character which i have set to dynamic but when ever i press p to play the game my character flys off in to some random direction, starting off slow then getting really fast.

according to your thread title I assume you talking about an armature with a skin mesh object.
In that case make the skin object “ghost”. Otherwise they will interfere with eachother.

Hi. I think you have enabled physic on your mesh an on your armature, so the physic of both objects are interfeering. So you have to make your mesh static and enable ghost. But I think is better to make a kolision box around (parent it) your character and make the mesh and the armture as ghost.
Look at this video. Time 8:05
The videos are made in Blender 2.5x but it works that same way in Blender 2.49b

ok monster that idea of your did’nt work sorry to say and hg1 could you give a tutorial thats not in video and in text instead cause my internet is very limited so i cant really watch this

oh wait i sort of fixed the problem but when ever he land on the ground his body if half in ground and the other half is out. this is wht i did. i set both the bones and skin to dynamic and i set the skin to ghost and i set the bones to actor. anyone know how to answer my question

oh and this is what my person loos lie halfway in the ground

I don’t konw a rigging tutorial (with movement) for the game engine in textformat.
When you select the bones you see a circle this circle must touch the ground. So you can change the size of the circle by changing the radius in the dynamic settings.

But here is the better way.

  1. Make a invisible cube (wire mode) or cylinder with eight faces around your character and change the physic to dynamic and select invisible.
  2. Go into the edit mode and change the box so that the circle hit the ground. Or change the size of the circle by changing the radius in the dynamic settings.
  3. Parent the armature to the mesh and change the physic to no collision.
  4. Parent the box with the armature and change the physic to no collision.
  5. The motion actuators for movement must be on the invisible box.
  6. The action actuators for aniamtion must be on the armature.

i did what you sud but there was no gravity and when you said mesh did you men the box or the ground

No with mesh I mean the mesh of your character. I take a dmills free animated human (can be found in the recources forum and modified it for you. So you can walk around.
CharacterKit.blend (636 KB)

ok so i parented the bones to the mesh but it came up with an error message saying loop in parents

Then you have already a parented the bones to the mesh. This message comes up when you try to parent now the mesh to the bone. If your bone animations are working in the game engine, you don’t need to parent it again, you can go to step 4 and parent the cube to the bone. You must first select the bone then the cube, then hit Ctrl+P. The order is importend. If you have parent something wrong, you can unparent it with Alt+P.

thanks i was doing it the other way round by parenting the cube to the bone instead of the bone to the cube and thankyou for telling me how to unparent an abject because that was going to be my next question

awesome it worked!!! thanks HG1