Bones' names disappearance in the Action Editor

Hi !

I’ve got a problem whith a scene containing several armatures in Blender 2.34. It happend to me a few weeks ago, and it happend again two days ago. After several operations - I can’t remember which ones, but certainly several Pose Mode/3D mode -, no name or any keyframe of any armature is displayed in the Action Editor. They still exist, as the 3D preview shows an animation as previously defined.

The first time it happend to me, I just exited Blender without saving. When I re-opened Blender, everything was fine. This time, I hadn’t realized the Action Window was empty, so I’ve saved the scene. Now, no matter which version I use, the Action Window is desperately empty.

Can anyone tell me what to do ?

Thanks !


This has been happening to me also; It’s got to be a bug.

What’s been working for me is to select my mesh, which has RVK’s assignied to it, and then zoom in the action window by holdin ctrl and then moving the mouse in the action window with the middle mouse button; if I just zoom with the mouse wheel it doesn’t work.

Doing this will make my RVK action come back, then when I re-select my armature the bone actions are there again.

It works !!! Thanks a lot !!! It’s a rather tricky bug ! I’ll try to describe this problem to the bug tracker !!