Bones to splineIK animation - Trying to animate a snake!

Hi guys,

I am trying to animate a snake curling around an apple. I figured I’d make a simple armature, create a curve that wraps around the apple in the path I want, then create another curve, and, using the Curve Modifier attach that to the first path. Then, I want to apply the splineIK modifier to the bones of the armature, connecting them to the second curve. It seems pretty straight forward, but I am not getting close to the outcome I want.

How would you animate a snake (solid geometry with an armature) curling around an apple? I have attached my .blend file so you can have a look at it!

Main.blend (427 KB)

Thanks in advance,

Geeze, work on it for a few hours, and stumble onto the solution! I realised what I was doing wrong with the bones, and had to select one of the visibility options on the SplineIK panel. All good now!