Bones & vertices

I made a caracter, then made the bone structure…

I started animating it but realized some bones were missing in order to achive certain movements…

I got back in the armature structure to add some bones. I named them and parented them properly to the rest of the structure.

But when I came back in the edit mode of my caracter, the new bones’ name were not in the Vertex group list so now I cannot assign vertices to them…

any idea ?


Unparent the mesh from the armature, make sure that Vertex Groups names match the bone names exactly then reparent.


Thanks for your answer.

I tried that, but when I unparent and reparent, I loose the assignements I did before… I had to assign each vertexes all over again !

If that’s the only way, that’s ok…
but that Vertex Group list have a strange behaviour… When you rename a bone in the armature, it is not renamed in the Vertex Group list… I had to rename it also there…

is that a bug or is that how it is supposed to be ?


That’s the way it is. First name all your bones. Then make sure that there is a Vertex Group for every bone with the same name. Then Ctrl-P, Armature, Don’t use Groups. Each bone should then find a Vertex Group that corresponds.