Bonneville motorcycle + Kati WIP

I am new to Blender, but I already love it! :slight_smile:




small update


You have made great progress so far, ptaszek! The proportions and details are very good.
What would you say has been the most challenging part of this bike, thus far?

Also, your website is very nice. I will be sure to leave a comment on it!

pls what tool did you use to make the depressions on the handlebars

This is going to be a fun one to watch grow…looking forward to it.

@James Thank you for now the most challenging part was definitely the engine main part. Not too many reference pictures also i wanted to keep it as a 1 mesh but finaly i made it with few separate parts. Also tricky was to make all spokes properly :slight_smile:

@DiamondDDesign I will try to make a tutorial for you today

@Harleynut Thanks!

I love this!
The modeling is perfect. Please make a nice render out of this!!! I suggest a road in the middle of the desert or smthg… just make something that works. XD

AlinB Thank you! :slight_smile: That’s an idea… middle of the desert! Maybe the biker girl also… I am not sure yet :stuck_out_tongue: I am doing this model because I want to do something nice in Cycles.

Special for you Guys grip tutorial :slight_smile:

thanks ptaszek that was really helpful

update #3

modeling is done in 85% :slight_smile:


Looks great! I’ve been browsing on your website, do you still use Maya or have you switched to Blender? (I spotted Maya in one of the pictures).

INKontrol thanks :slight_smile:
I still use maya at work but at home I am switching to blender (i have no maya student license any more) but what I can say now… blaneder is soooo nice. It’s not love at first sight but definitly huge love! For modeling Blender wins with Maya 1:0 for sure…
Time for shading/rendering will be soon :slight_smile:

i lke mechanical models
and this bike looks good
topo with subsurf is very good

are you going with cycles ?

nice work man

can you show more pics for engine
i think i’d like to make one just for fun!

keep it up
happy cycles

Very good modeling. Having a Bonneville myself I can see a few areas that aren’t quite right (Handlebar Levers & Twist grip etc) but overall looks a lot better than others I’ve seen. Looking forward to seeing a rendered version.

If you want some photo’s e.g for the levers only to happy to post/send you some


Awesome bike, man. Best duplication of an actual model I’ve ever seen on these forums. Your topology is brilliant, if daunting.

Thanks guys!
Ricky Cycles for surE! :slight_smile: I can’t wait to try this renderer, sicnce few months I have gtx 670 4GB but I had no chance to try it yet :frowning:
I will make more engine shots for you with the next update (engine is not finished yet)

Touchwood that bike is my dream! :))) You are lucky you have it! Yeah my problem is a lack of reference pictures of many parts… but don’t worry. The goal is to make a location shot probably with the driver girl (if my skills will be good enought) so it doesn’t have to be that correct :slight_smile: we will see. I wish I could start with rendering now… but still some parts are not finished and the girl…

DorienVincent thanks! :slight_smile: I am doing my best :slight_smile: fortunately with no deadline :smiley: so 0.5-1h per day and few per weekends.
For next weekend my plan is finish the bike and make UV’s

let us know for cycles mat i can give many references for metals ect.

are you doing it with clean mat or grunge mat?

i began doing some parts for the engine but dom’t have enought details to do a nice 3D model!
will wait till you show us more renders

by the way how did you do the 3D shape for the tank
i did one but not really super nice !

also is it possible that the back tire is smaller then the front one ?

happy cycles

Ricky: Front wheel is 18 inch dia, rear is 17 inch.

interesting did not know that back wheel was smaller
is it std thing on bicycles?


Yes, It’s pretty much a standard thing for motorcycles, its to do with steering geometry. Front can be as large as 21 inch and the back as small as 16 inch. The back wheel is usually much wider as well. Widest back wheel I’ve seen on a bike is 17 inches.