Bony horn

Hi, I tried to create a bony horn.


Internal renderer.


That’s a really nice design and material. What did you make the material in? It’s amazing.

Just same image textures (old metal, paper), crack wall like bump and procedural textures for displace.


but how did you do the bump is it with an image black and white for bump with some nor value or only proc texture applied ?

would be nice if you could you upload sample file

Thanks and happy 2.5

Hi, sure. Here is sample blendfile. But i can’t compres blend with image textures. Images are in folder textures. You must linked this images in blender.

I am sorry, but i am beginer :(. I hope you fix it.

PS: Its not only bump map, but i used displace map. One image texture for displace and two procedural for another displace modifier.

I know. My english is horrible :P.

looks like there is a missing first texture map paper
and ambient map

i reduce the size of all mpa to around 1/4 which is already quit big!

but still rendering black !

t looks like there is something like 12 textures

also some of the texture are very large in MB
not certain this is necesary unless you need to zoom in very close with camera!

i tried to add camera and some light remove AO
and it’s still rendering black
seems that ambiant light was totaly black!
so i increase it a little to get some light
but remove the AO

it’s quit a model with lot’s of modifier

happy .2.5