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there is a blend at this address. Can someone tell me why when I rotate my model some of it is not visible?


It is big, and Blender only displays a certian distance. I can’t remember how to change this, but somebody here should. Also, this is the wrong forum

'Zactly - it’s too big. In general, you should treat each blender Unit as being about a meter in real-life. Your model is something like 930m wide by 1.2km long!!

Not sure if you can change the distance that Blender will display things for. You can change the clipping planes for a camera by selecting it then pressing F9, but this is different to the clipping distance used when not viewing through a camera.

Just keep posting shots of the model progressing, & it will in fact, be a work in progress:p

There is a way to change it for the main viewpoint too, not just for the camera. The camera only helps if you are looking through the camera.

Finger slipped to the ‘B’ key in the title there, noobie.:wink:

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Indeed there is a way of changing the clipping distance of the viewport separately to that of the camera.

Go to the View menu that’s attached to the 3d view. Select the option “View Properties” between Background Image & Render Preview.

Change the clipping distance for the view camera, and voila! Done. Though, at it’s maximum of 10,000 the effect is still visible. Just scale the model down a bit is really your best solution.

That reminds me - someone else wanted to know how to get the co-ords of the 3d cursor. It’s here too. Must find that thread…

yah it took me a while to figure that out but i figured it out finally

So THAT’S what that was supposed to be! At first I thought it would be some project like bikie dikie!

maybe it just a glitch in the model or maybe you did somthin odd with your mesh