BoogerMan Model For New Game!

Wow it has been such a long time since I have posted on here lol. I have time on my hands and decided to bring back an old game back with modern type graphics. I hope many of you remember the classic Boogerman :P. I have started making the model and I want your feedback and tips.

Click here to view the jpeg image of my model.

Click here to view the original Boogerman.

Tell me what I should change I was not going for the original look but an updated look. I still have to do his hands, feet and cape.

~ Thank you from Death.


I like “original look”… but hey… let me see that “FireFart” and… if u can make me lough…

I am modeling the another model going to go for his original look since it does look better like you mentioned vAonom. Plus might as well stay with the classic design. :stuck_out_tongue: I will update everyone once I have finished.

Updated Post: Main Menu Screen: Click here to view .jpeg

Tell me if I should add more detail or change anything. I am almost done an exact copy of Boogermans level 1. I am going for a cartoon type look now does that look good? And one more question who else asides me would find this classic game amazing if brought back from the dead? ~ Thank you everyone!