book domino: actors with same settings don't act the same.


I’m working on a book domino. My first blender project.
I played with the domino principle before (actor and physics) using simple cubes. Right now, when I want to tumble some books, strange things happen.

The books don’t fall… If I rotate them out of balance, they do move just a little bit, but nothing like a simple cube with the same settings.

I’ve attached some screenshot and a small test .blend file.

The first screenshot is a combined one showing two rectangular cubes and two book models, with their actor settings.

The second screenshot shows the result op playing the scene…

I have no idea where to start soling this.
I’ve played with radius, rotational dampening and the likes, but the book just won’t tip over.

Any and all help and tips are very appreciated!



book_domino_test.blend (220 KB)

The shape-keys on the books are stopping the physics from working. To fix it:

Clear rotation on the first book (Alt-R). Delete the Shape-keys from both books. In Object mode, select each book and use Ctrl-A to apply scale and rotation. Now, rotate the first book a bit and press P.

It’s the shape key indeed.
Your workflow works as advertised DichotomyMatt, Thanks.


I used a shape key to easily modify the binder thickness on 38 books based on the same model (as Pappy suggested to me here:
When I delete the shape key, I lose all size modifications made to the model.

Is there a way to delete the shape key, but have the model retain it’s dimensions?

This might be helpful info:
When sizing my books I first used the shape key for the binder thickness, When this was set I pinned it. I then used box select and “G”+ X or Z in edit mode to change the height and width of the book.
I have no idea if this is the way to work with shape keys, It seemed the fastest solution for me after some trial and error.

Looks like if you delete the Shape Key in edit mode, the model keeps it’s dimensions.

Thanks DichotomyMatt!

And thanks for the heads up about clearing and applying.