Bookmarks in Blender?

When I save or open a file somewhere else, not from Blender’s directory, everytime (except for the same session) I have to go to that particular folder and look for it. However I use my desktop all the time for current files and I’d really like to set bookmarks so I don’t have to go there each and every time, anyone know how to?

not a 100% sure on wat you asking but you could change the save directory in blender to look at your desktop. Its under prefrences.

I know for certain on windows on my desktop i can just double click and .blend 's open in blender first time. or am i missing something

Well that’s what I mean. I wanna be able to set bookmarks there, so I can easily get where I want, for what I want. It doesn’t have to be a blend file, for example if you’re exporting a file, appending something… putting a background image in the 3d view etc.

Can’t help you there sorry

I take it the feature isn’t there?

I searched for that too(I didn’t search good:P:P) and I will continue the search(today or tomorrow)! If i find it I will post it in this topic!