Books <=> Changes in Blender

Is it still worth to buy books like GameKit 2 or the other stuff, now with 2.5 coming?
Or will those books just be out of date?

yes, buy them, 2.5 is a long way yet from starting sensible docs.
you will still learn many things that you will be able to use in the future.

I think it depends on the book and the subject matter and what you want out of the book. I wrote mine (Foundation Blender Compositing) to be relevant for about 5 years, and isolated it from 2.5 (except for the inevitable UI changes in all the screen shots, of course).

are the gamekits produced by blender under cc?

im currently working on a book that’s supposed to deal with v2.5 - it’s going to come out mid-2010

blndr08: very cool! what’s it about, what’s its proposed title, etc?

I have also got a book in the works for character modeling for 2.5. It’s also looking a mid 2010 publishing date.

@MasterSam, most of the current books will still be relevant for some time. The main difference you’ll find is a slightly updated tool set in 2.5. Most of the workflow will remain the same.