Books (from tutorials)

I followed the 3 Tutorials here

my render is one of my main concerns. I can post the .blend and texture/normal maps if anybody wants them too. (assuming I can get this forum to cooperate)
I would like your comments:


Go to “advanced” and then use the uploader on the website to sshow the files.

I see some normal problems hanging around near the edges of the covers. Make a little bit of a fadeout to the edges to stop that.

They look nice, what more can I say?

Right on Wefyb, here you go. It took forever to decide to start uploading
(My ISP, CableOne, is constantly trying to get over on us so that may be why. … Congress had to tell them they cannot wiretap their customers a few years ago. Rich people! always screwin’ over the public, and themselves, for a few extra cents! :rolleyes: )


book_Ridged.blend (894 KB)