Boolean -- clean or unclean mesh


I have never been great at understanding the optimization of the boolean operation.

I was wondering if in my image here, this is an acceptable outcome for the operation. Do I have to worry about n-gons or badly-sided faces? Will I be able to work with this in the UV editor just fine? Is there a better way to do this?

I created this using two instances of the boolean modifier, using no add-ons.

What’s the best way to create a ‘hole’ in my geometry here?

Thank you.

If you are not going to use subdivision surfaces, then yes this is perfectly acceptable. No you don’t have to worry about n-gons as long as the surfaces remain flat, and that goes for sub-d modelling as well, though trying to model in quads at all times is more desired, but not a necessity when using hard surfaces made out of non subdivided polygons. And finally yes, the UV editor will use whatever you throw at it, the outcome is dependent upon the user and how you apply textures.