Boolean difference not working for extruded SVG imports

Good morning (o;

I have a logo which I exported as SVG. It contains basically a background and two letters.
Importing as SVG and extruding is just fine.

But when I add a boolean modifier to cut a hole in the logo background nothing happens.
And yes…I deleted the subtracted object or made it invisible (o;

logo_wedernoch.blend (1.0 MB)

The logo background mesh looks really weird though…and when subtracting I see that it removed a small horizontal line from the mesh.

Seems like you already tried to remove the “r” mesh from the background and left a mess with the background’s geometry, which is now spoiling your Booleans…

Clean up the background mesh, then your Booleans will work fine. The hollow shape works better with the Carve solver.

BTW, that’s a needlessly complicated way of building this: You imported the pieces separately as SVG, extruded, converted to mesh and then did the Booleans…

It would have been much easier to just import all pieces together as one SVG, set the resulting curve to 2D and then just extrude that curve. Blender would have taken care of the inner parts automatically (left=your mesh, middle=imported SVG, right=extruded SVG):

Sorry for bringing this up again…been busy with other stuff…and now I returned to 2.80 (o;

When I import the SVG, convert all curves to 2D and extrude it in object mode…I just get something like this…no cutouts…

Okay…seems I figured out a way…not sure if it can be done easier (o;

Import SVG, change every curve to 2D and set fill to “Both” and set an extrude value…which is higher for inner parts than the outer part…then convert each curve into mesh…so I can apply the boolean modifier…

Only problem is that a combined path like a word with a i point won’t correctly do a boolean operation:



Or is there a way to group objects as one to be used as modifier?

Currently I have now 18 boolean difference operations which slows things really down (o;