Boolean interfering with the material I am carving from

Hi. I am boolean a surface that has applied a texture on it.
When I boolean it with a cylinder the texture disappear in object mode, but it is present in edit mode…I am a bit confused about what is happening.

Thank you! I can not post the mesh cause its work related . I might be able to do a mock up with the material applied on a different surface.

Set the boolean cutting object to use the same material.

Thank you ! It did not work unfortunately…

The cylinder cutting the block has the same material as the block. Here in the screenshot you can appreciate the difference between object mode and edit mode (the one I am aiming to preserve in object).
It is indeed related to the boolean cause if I turn it off I recover the looks I set in the blue.

I am wondering if the fact that my block has that grid UV mapped…is part of the problem ?