Boolean keys

I know how to use the boolean key (W) but whenever I use the key,
I will select the difference option and I dont get what I want. I select that option and it will come out different yet again why does it do this? and is there a reason why it doesn’t come out the way I want it to. Is there a tutorial or someone who can give me an in depth explanaition of how to use boolean equations?

And even if I use the other 2 options I still dont get what I and going for.
For example I want to get a whole is a wall to a house so I can insert a window in it’s place.

Have you tried to change the order in which you select the two objects???

Try to select the ‘second’ object first…

If you have a cube in side the other, and you want to have a whole in th ebigger one, select the bigger one first, (and holding down [shift])then the smaller one, and use difference. i like to think of it as:

[first selected]-[second selected]= difference

hope this helps


Select the wall in object mode. Then the window. Hit W and select Difference. Now there are 3 objects; the original wall and window and a new wall-with-window object (duplicated under the wall). Select this 3rd object, Tab into edit mode with all verts purple, put your mouse cursor over the spot where the window should be and hit L (which will select the Difference verts), hit X and delete the verts. Wall with a hole.