Boolean modifier doing weird things. Help.

Boolean modifier always working very bad and wrong. For example when axe touching the cube , cube just disappears and appears again when axe leaves the mesh, and it shows me error (if difference chosen), if intersecting chosen then other weird stuffs going on… I was watching couple of diferent tutorial about boolean but what they shows its never working in my case

I am supplying here blend.file

Post your blend. Or wait for a sketchfab user’s advice. Probably everyone but me is one :wink:

Meanwhile, check norrmals, and give the cube more geometry.

I have posted blend.file

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On the other hand - from the household and logging i’ve done a bit - what is the physical process in your scene which would require use of boolean operation?

the physical process is to leave a print from the axe. I am learning this technic for example to cut a tree… Above i have downloaded blend.file

Idk, for me, this would make more sense…
However there is marking left by Axe2 on default Cube on Layer2. Boolean was used for that. If you had problems this could be due to your axe model.

To the coloring - you would need two materials you then mix using Attribute, fac output of which is b/w mask. Right now there is only Bark texture and empty input on Mix node. Also try including Color Ramp to adjust Attribute output.

Edit: As expected - axe modeling style did not suit booleans well ;).

Thank you very much. But i still have some questions as i am doing something wrong:

  1. I was trying to do boolean animation by using your blend file and model but with no luck. What i am doing wrong, blender dont see any holes which animation was supposed to be done. So my steps such -
    i am selecting the axe, making three keframes - from cube, to cube, from cube. Then i am selecting cube, go to modifiers, chosing boolean modifier, select difference and select object which is axe. Then hit apply. Then i go to play in preview and it shows no cuts neither in render nor in object mode… Why?

  2. About coloring, it seems i have done what you told me, - atribute with two diffuses, but its not working, maybe i also have to change something in dynamic paint settings?

Above my blend file is where i want bark where the cut is, to change color when axe touching it

Кстати. смотрю что ты с Юрмолы :slight_smile: Так что можно и по русски разговаривать :slight_smile:

Thank you Eppo. Finally done it!