Boolean Modifier improvement

Hello, I have idea for improvement Boolean Modifier, I would to see two options there: toggle for show/hide Object and option for remove object after apply. I think it may be helpful, where should I submit ideas for new Blender releases?


Wow. PiotrPl! In one month you’ve gone from not knowing how to use Blender to writing and submitting patches to fix the Boolean modifier… That’s got to be some kind of genius superintelligence achievement record…

My personal feeling is that this is not something I would want, because it would be editing an object from the modifier stack of a different object - making it difficult to troubleshoot problems, and creating a badly organized data structure for the scene. I think that Blender is not designed that way. But let’s see how your patch fares with the other developers.

hmm… genius? not, just user-enthusiast. I have installed Blender two months ago, with no idea about 3D modeling. Blender is most intuitive application I ever met, that why it is ease to understand and pleasure to learn it. Such knowledge is easily absorbable. I’m still surprised that free application have so many features.