Boolean modifier

Hi Everybody !

I have been modeling the inside of human mouth. It consists in 33 objects : one object for the container like a box including the gums and the tongue and 32 objects for the 32 teeth.
I plugged each tooth into the gums.
I would like to get rid of intersection between each tooth and the gum. So I added a boolean modifier to the tooth, selected “Union” and “Mouth” (mouth inside object) for object and applied it.
I do not understand why the the tooth object becomes an object including the tooth and the mouth with a very big number of vertices, the mouth object apparently remains unchanged.

Any help ?

Many thanks !

Blender 2.57b

Ive rarely seen anyone have great success with the Boolean Modifier. It seems to create too many vertices and adds too much complexity. I’d consider modeling a “socket” into which the tooth plugs if that is your desire.

Now, back to your original question … the Union of objects A and B is an object that includes ALL the vertices of A and B. So Mouth Union Tooth is going to be a “Tooth + Mouth” mesh.

i personally wouldnt worry about modeling a socket unless the main focus is on the mouth.

Thanks a lot !