Boolean operating a light into a car model. help

I ve been trying to use boolean operation to get in a modelled headlamp into my car design but it keeps messing up, can someone give me some help on this, I’ve already read through some tutorials, I’m sure the steps I take are alright but things just go wrong.
I need to know, is it because subsurf is on.
Please help. Thanks

Can you give us a more detailed explanation of what you’re trying to do? Boolean operations are notorious for screwing up meshes. You often need to tweak the results you get from them, or find another way to do it.

As far as I know, subsurf shouldn’t affect boolean operations - the boolean affects the original mesh data, ignoring the subsurf, and the subsurf modifier works on the results of that.

It is not that subsurf per se affects booleans, it is that booleans more often than not leaves the resulting mesh in such a disorganized mess that applying subsurf to it gives horrible results. OTOH, if you don’t subsurf Booleans are a fine tool.


If you mesh gets messed up, you could try the Megabool script.
It’s somewhere in the python section of the forum.