Boolean problem.

Right now I am attempting to create a desk and am using the Boolean Modifier for the drawers. I created one desk successfully this way, however when I try to do the same thing to a disk of opposite sides (drawers and leg room on opposite sides of the desk) it is having an issue. When I activate and set up the Boolean it shatters the desk and hides random parts of the desk that it created via new vertices’s/edges, however they are still there when I look in Edit mode and no matter what I try I cannot patch the holes.

If anybody can help me with this or make suggestions, it would be great.

Are you trying to “cut” the desk drawer cavity? Just use cube modeling for simple geometry like that. You will have much better control over the mesh.

I think when you go into Edit Mode it shows only because you haven’t Applied the modifier. The Boolean gets funky if you have odd shapes… also sometimes I’ve had to hide one shape (depending on which Boolean you’re using) so overlapping geometry didn’t look like glass shards.

Yes, I am trying to take the difference from the drawer out of the desk. I am not very advanced in Blender yet, so I am not sure what cube modeling is but I will Youtibe it or something to try that out.

I can understand with complex shapes, but I am just putting a square inside of another square, and it has already worked once so I don’t think it is the shapes of the objects. I tried hiding the different shapes then adding the modifier, however it gave me the same result.

Are you setting the operation to difference before or after you select the object? Sometimes when I select the object before I set the operation, I get effects similar to what you described in your first post.

Yeah I tried doing it before and after I set the parameters, it always comes back with the same results unfortunately.