Boolean punching through my D20!

To all you dungeons and dragons fans or fellow goblins, please help! You could say I rolled a natural 1 on this one. I successfully manage all of my 3D text (numbers 1-20) onto the faces of my icosahedron dice. I converted them into a mesh and joined them together as a single object. When I boolean modify the icosahedron and select the object made of all the numbers it is succesful. All of the numbers have been “engraved” into my dice. The problem I am having is with 2 numbers next to each other, they have been full punched through. The 16 worse than the 8. As a new member, I cannot share photos or videos. So Im not sure what to do haha Please help!

Do you use the latest Blender version?
Blender 2.91 has new Booleans system.

Maybe that helps.